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Dr. Marty ProPower Plus


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This groundbreaking formula contains 14 different health and digestive ingredients designed to optimize your dog’s body — including 2 billion CFUs of "dog friendly" probiotics. This nutrient blend supports your dog’s health from nose to tail, helping them enjoy:

  • Easier digestion and more consistent "poops"
  • Reduced bad breath and healthier teeth
  • Healthy balanced energy
  • Less anxiety and nervousness
  • Stronger immune system function
  • Increased nutrient absorption for increased longevity


We work hard to formulate the most advanced, all-natural products on the market — which is why every purchase is backed by our Your Dog Is Healthier Or It’s Free, Guarantee!

If you don’t see noticeable improvements in your dog’s health and happiness, just let us know. You can send back the unused portion, any time within 90 days — and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

- FAQ -

Does ProPower Plus work for all breeds of dog?

Great question — and yes, it does! Since dogs of all shapes and sizes have the same digestive function, ProPower Plus works for dog breeds of any age. The unique ingredient blend in this formula contains "must-have" digestive enzymes that help give your dog a major digestive boost, more consistent bathroom visits, a shinier coat, and "scratch-free" skin.

How do I give ProPower Plus to my dog?

ProPower Plus contains over a dozen vitality-charging ingredients in one easy-to-serve powder. All you have to do is sprinkle one scoop over your dog’s food or favorite snack. Doing this every day will do wonders for your dog's digestive health — and you’ll be able to notice it in the form of increased energy, improved alertness, and a healthy, shiny coat.

What if it doesn’t work? Is there a guarantee?

100%. As a veterinarian, I’ve spent the last 30+ years improving the health and wellness of countless dogs. And I’m humbled that you have trusted me with your dog’s health. I’m confident your dog will experience incredible results you’ll be able to notice. But if for some reason you don’t see a noticeable improvement in your dog’s vitality — you can send back the empty jars for a full refund, even if it’s just the empty jars. Hassle-free. Guaranteed.

That’s how confident I am that your dog will love this formula, just like my dogs and thousands of others.

What’s inside this formula?

Dr. Marty ProPower Plus

ProPower Plus combines 14 health boosters and 2 billion CFUs — colony forming units — of probiotics in one ultra-powerful formula. This gives your dog a major digestive boost, and keeps their health covered from nose to tail — no matter what their breed, size, or age.


Dr. Martin Goldstein is one of America’s most renowned veterinarians, a graduate of Cornell University, and the acclaimed author of “The Nature of Animal Healing: The Definitive Holistic Medicine Guide to Caring for Your Dog and Cat.” For more than four decades, Dr. Marty has combined elements of Western medicine with his unique nutritional therapy to improve health and longevity for thousands of pets.